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Daily staff meetings at a specific time, at a specific place and held to a specific time allotment is crucial for any team. Consistency is key.


  • Brief daily meetings (5 – 10 minutes)
    • Mandatory for full time and any part time scheduled for that day
    • Review known activities and assignments for the day / week
    • Always Review a key training microtopic (example: how to greet someone; how to help a lady into and out of the car; driver responsibilities; Company Values; etc.) See Roles Guide
    • Questions clarifications

Note: be mindful to always be cross training for each role at each location.


  • Staff morale improves when people know what’s going on, how to perform to expectations and how they need to be prepared
  • Helps everyone anticipate and prepare.
  • Avoids errors and mishaps through communication
  • Gives everyone a sense of belonging and common purpose
  • Exposes questions and misunderstandings.
  • Enables accountability
  • Enables leader to acknowledge good performance publicly and frequently.

This meeting should be mandatory and structured. Brevity is key. It is for communication. It is “formally informal” in that it has structure but collaborative.

Any staff member who is habitually late, or behind schedule, needs to be reminded that attendance is a job expectation and that they are being disrespectful of their peers.

Mistakes are proof that you are trying

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