Frequently Asked Questions

The Pro Membership is under development and will be opened as topics are completed that we feel will give you substantial value

Yes, we are both available.  Please email us to discuss potential engagements:

Yes, we are working on several now that we hope to promote as soon as we are comfortable that airlines won’t be interrupted by COVID.

Yes, our pro membership includes peer advisory or study groups of non competing funeral directors who want to grow both personally and in their own business.

Yes, we can.  Mentorship is both delicate and challenging for a variety of personal reasons.  We will do our best to team you up with someone who can make the commitment and fits your circumstances.

We are thinking about it.  If there is enough interest then we will pursue it.  Peer Advisory Groups, by their nature, are already exclusive in that they do not allow competing firms in the same group.

Hopefully not.  We plan on providing guest interviews.  Those will be longer than the 12 minutes and, most likely, available only to Pro Members